Blog Makeovers You Can Afford

According to a recent poll, women are more likely to build or update a personal blog and I know from my own experience, I am more likely to post if I enjoy the look of my blog.

Why not let me help make your blogging time more enjoyable with one of my elegant and appealing templates.
The templates at Dezignz by Kat's Etsy Shop are offered “as is” No Refunds. I have tested each one before downloading to you so I know they work.

If you would like me to put your blog title/description on your header image, there are no additional fees. Please note: this does not include customising the header image in any way.

You are not to share the template you buy with others ...You cannot resell my product on any site or copy it in anyway Please leave the links back to my site on your blog. I have worked very hard to make the template. I have made my link very small has not to change the look of your blog in any way.

I have the images for these templates on my paid photobucket account, however if these images should be removed by someone other then me then I take no responsibility for this.. I always include the site images so in the emergency situation they no longer work, you can upload them to your own account and replace the image links in the code.

I love designing templates with style and glam that will appeal to the female blogger and I hope you enjoy using them.


 I have Etsy Shop Banners and Avatars for your Etsy Shop .....The banner is the first thing your potential customers will see and an elegant, stylish first impression will peak their interest in what you have to offer in your shop. I will add your shop name and email the product to you after payment is received.
 I do quote art and Wall Art for children ...They are all 8'' x 10'' in very stylist colors ...They can be printed or uploaded to a photo lab and make very nice gifts on a special occasion or just to brighten someones day......

Custom ...Made just the way you want
I am now doing Custom work ...Yes...... You now get to decide exactly what you want your purchase to look like .....I will be dezigning Custom Etsy Shop Banners and Avatars, Business Cards, Facebook Page Timeline Photo and at a later time I will also offer custom Blogger Templates...So let me dezignz for you something you can call your own ......The design I create for you will never be sold by me again and will be completely yours. I am not responsible if someone else makes a banner similar to yours because I do buy my clipart from others so anyone can purchase it....

So please stop by my Etsy shop and check out my products by clicking the shop tab above.